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We distinguish ourselves from conventional fractional resources by adhering to a rigorous selection process that ensures we bring on only the highest caliber of executive talent.

At Paladin Impact, we boast a premier community of dynamic sales, marketing, and operations executives. Our commitment to connecting with industry leaders and highly skilled professionals ensures the continual expansion of our network of talent.

Our network is in the business of building high-end organizations that disrupt the status quo on what is possible.




Sourcing the Best: Screening for Quality in High-Demand Industries

Our selection process starts with current industry demand. Once we establish needs within various industries, we then utilize our screening process.


This includes targeted outreach, internal referrals, and organic talent registrations. Once we have an adequate pool of candidates we begin our screening process to ensure quality is met.


Delivering Excellence: Rigorously Screened Fractional Talent

We pride ourselves in bringing some of the leading experts to our clients. From some of the largest most esteemed organizations in the world. To deliver the highest quality fractional professionals, we adhere to a rigorous ten-step process. 

This process starts with a screening consultation, including evaluation of past experiences, and even background checking potential candidates. Our top priority is to deliver the highest quality talent possible to our clientele.


Matchmaking Perfection: Precision-Placed Talent at Paladin Impact

Once an expert is approved, we then create a comprehensive data-driven profile. This profile serves as a benchmark for placing talent to the right client. This profile will be available for clients to actively review. This will include industry background, years in various roles, and how those experiences fit potential clients in that industry.


This process is at the cornerstone of Paladin Impact, and where we add the most value. Matchmaking talent and opportunity with precision.


The Ultimate Collaboration: Fusing Talent and Team for Maximum Impact

After the initial consultation for your needs with Paladin Impact, we then defer to our account management team to find the right experts for your project. Industry experience is critical, but there are other elements to be considered.

Once we have a pool of experts for your project, we then allow you to speak with these individuals to dive deeper into your needs, goals, and pain points. The objective is to ensure our experts match well with your team from also a communication and personality standpoint. 

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